Finance & Budget

Financial Budget

one that embraces the impacts of the financial decisions of the firm. It is a plan including a budgeted balance sheet, which shows the effects of planned operations and capital investments on assets, liabilities, and equities. It also includes a cash budget, which forecasts the flow of cash and other funds in the business. Cash budgeting (cash planning) is a critical part of budgeting because it is essential to have the right sums of cash available at the right times.

A government budget is said to be a balanced budget if the estimated government expenditure is equal to expected government receipts in a particular financial year. Advocated by many classical economists, this type of budget is based on the principle of “living within means.” They believed the government’s expenditure should not exceed their revenue.
Though an ideal approach to achieve a balanced economy and maintain fiscal discipline, a balanced budget  ..

A government budget is said to be a surplus budget if the expected government revenues exceed the estimated government expenditure in a particular financial year. This means that the government’s earnings from taxes levied are greater than the amount the government spends on public welfare. A surplus budget denotes the financial affluence of a country. Such a budget can be implemented at times of inflation to reduce aggregate demand.